PPC & SEO – match made in marketing heaven

PPC + SEO = match made in marketing heaven

Are your SEO and PPC teams working in silos? Columnist Julian Connors discusses several ways SEO and PPC can combine efforts to сео оптимизацияimprove their strategies and drive more conversions.

It has been quite a year for the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

We’ve seen numerous algorithm updates, including a final Penguin update and the introduction of Possum. We also saw major changes to the way ads are displayed on desktop SERPs. Google continues to tweak how online consumers receive content through organic and paid listings.

In order to meet the demands of today’s search landscape and connect with more qualified consumers, strategists need to create campaigns that treat SEO and PPC as a unified silo, as opposed to separate disciplines.
Google’s never-ending quest for SERP perfection

seoThe ongoing adjustments to the SERP layout are meant to help Google better align with consumer objectives by improving the content quality and relevance of listings. (more…)